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Gretsch,Geige, Akustische Gitarren,

Nebst vielen selber geschriebenen Songs umfasst unser Repertoire unter anderem auch die folgenden Covers:

-These times we're living in                   Kate Wolf

-Hou me vast                                           Volumia

-I remember                                             Dolly Parton

-Green eyes                                              Kate Wolf

-What do I do with me                            Tanya Tucker

-Close to you                                            Kate Wolf

-Eagle when she flies                             Dolly Parton

-In China or a womans heart                 Kate Wolf

-Carolina Pines                                         Kate Wolf

-Help                                                          Beatles

-Whistle down the wind                         Joan Baez

-How can I tell you                                  Cat Stevens

-Everything is beautiful                           Kris Kristofferson

-Give yourself to love                              Kate Wolf

-The redtail Hawk                                     Kate Wolf

-Daddy's hands                                         Holly Dunn

-Coat of many colors                               Dolly Parton

-Bird on a wire                                           Leonard Cohen

-The trumpet wine                                    Kate Wolf

-Sorry seemes to be the hardest w.       Elton John

-Blue valley songbird                               Dolly Parton

-Feels like home                                       Randy Newman

-Breaking of the sword                            Loreena McKennit

-Great love of my life                               Kate Wolf

-Wind beneath my wings                        Bette Midler

-Old Jerome                                               Kate Wolf

-Hold on                                                     Tom Waits

-We can leave the world                         Sasha

-Wie vor Jahr und Tag                             Reinhard Mey

                        ...und viele weitere Songs